Katie Grafrath

Katie Grafrath is the President of Grady Group of Illinois. The family business was founded by her uncle, Mike Grady, upon his return from the Vietnam War. With the sole mission of helping as many people as possible, by educating them on what they can do to keep their money safe, the Grady Group has made a dramatic lasting impact on the lives of thousands of people. Katie is passionate about protecting her clients’ assets from the unfavorable circumstances of volatile markets by making safe money choices, giving them the peace of mind needed to enjoy their retirement.

Katie began her career as a teacher, a middle school math teacher with a Masters in Math Education. Her passion has always been about educating others on complex concepts, breaking them down in a way that they are simple, and easy to understand, and continues to do this on a daily basis with clients. Katie’s values center around honesty, respect, and a sincere commitment to helping others.

Katie lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband, Tim, her teenage children, Connor and Nina, and two Mini-Goldendoodles, Gracie and Wyatt. Family is everything to Katie, and when she is not working she is found in a folding chair on the sideline of a baseball or softball field, or in a bleacher seat at a volleyball game or gymnastics meet. Katie and Tim are tied for being Connor and Nina’s #1 fans! They travel for sports most weekends every summer. As a family, they also make memories boating and snowmobiling, bonding around backyard bonfires, doing projects around the house, and spending as much time with extended family as possible.

Katie Grafrath                                                                                                                        Owner and President Grady Group of Illinois, LLC                                  katie@gradygroupinc.com