Sean Flynn

Sean Flynn was born in Staten Island, NY and raised in Charlotte, NC where The Grady Group is based today. After college, he spent over 10 years in the custom rehab equipment industry working with senior citizens and children with disabilities.

As a result of constant corporate mergers and the desire to work for himself he embarked on a career as an Independent Agent in the Insurance and Financial Services Industry. An industry he has been interested in since experiencing the loss of close family members at early ages and witnessing generations of family and friends not properly planning for retirement.

After working with a wide variety of clients and product during his first year as an agent, Sean realized he enjoyed helping and working with young adults along with the baby boomer generation and focused on specializing in Life, Medicare and Retirement product for these two markets. He finds the work very challenging, yet extremely rewarding. Sean has been married to his wife Kim for 11 years. A big advocate for pets he admits he spent more years training for work then training his dog. He knows he is not the alpha when at home, his dog Stella runs the show and he wouldn't have it any other way.